Please note: we do not have daily textbanks. When texting days of action are announced, you can find all upcoming shifts here: mobilize.us/nextgen.

Before Your Textbank

If you haven’t already set up a Slack account and gathered your materials, please do so!

If you are texting with the distributed text team, you will be onboarded by a Text Team Leader in the #texting-onboarding channel. You will need to complete three steps before texting with the NextGen National Text Team:

  1. Read through the Texting Team Guide here.
  2. Take the Text Team Quiz (check the pinned announcement in the Slack #texting-onboarding channel)
  3. Post a message in the Slack #texting-onboarding channel so that a Text Team Leader can welcome you to the team!

When you have passed the quiz (we didn’t make it too difficult, promise!) and have been greeted by a Text Team Leader, you will be added to two private texting channels:

During Your Textbank

When your textbank has started, the Text Team Leader will post an announcement in Slack asking for folks who are ready to start texting. If you would like to join a campaign, please click the Campaign Link in the #text-requests channel.

Screenshot of a Slack message with a "Campaign Link" at the bottom. A red box borders the campaign link text, and a red arrow points to it.

To request additional batches, first respond to any individual who replies to the initial message. Then, press the Request Conversations button in ThruText.

If you have any questions, please email us at organizing@nextgenamerica.org.