What You’ll Need

If you haven’t already set up a Slack account for our workspace, that’s step 1! We use Slack as our “virtual field office.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Slack or need a refresher, please find an introduction to Slack below.


If you have a question about any of these materials, please post in the #take-action-now channel in Slack.

We’re so excited you’re joining the team! Our movement is fueled by volunteers like you and we’re so grateful for your commitment to moving this country forward.

About Slack

We use Slack for all of our communications. Think of Slack as our virtual office. It’s our place for you to meet staff and other volunteers, ask questions, and request assignments.

You can learn more about Slack in the video linked here. We recommend using the desktop app version of Slack on your computer. Learn more about downloading the Slack app at: https://slack.com/downloads/. You can also access Slack from a browser by going to nextgenorganizing.slack.com.

The two most important features of Slack to understand are Channels and Direct Messages.


Channels are similar to group messages but focused on one topic. There are several different channels that you can join, but you don’t have to join all of them. You can find all of the channels available to you in the Slack workspace by clicking the + icon next to the “Channels” heading in the sidebar.

A red box borders the "Channels" heading and "Add Channels" feature of Slack. A red arrow points to the right side of the box.

Direct Messages

Direct messages are how you can talk with one or more other individuals privately. To send a direct message, scroll down in the sidebar to the “Direct Messages” heading and click the + icon. Search for the name of the individual you want to message.

A red box borders the "Direct Messages" heading and the "Initiate Direct Message" feature of Slack. A red arrow points to the right side of the box.

Our Slack Organization

A red border is boxed around the #texting-onboarding channel heading, and the pinned post - a clear push pin directly underneath the channel heading. A red arrow points to the bottom left corner of the box, where the pushpin icon is.

Next Steps

Sign into Slack and start your onboarding!

If you have any questions, please email us at organizing@nextgenamerica.org.