NextGen America
National Organizing Team

NextGen America fights for progressive change by growing and wielding the grassroots power of young people in elections. With the efforts of thousands of volunteers to make calls and send texts, we mobilized the youth vote to elect Joe Biden as our president and take back the Senate. But there is still more to do, and we are excited to have you join us.

In 2021, we will train and mobilize our network of NextGen activists to advocate to our members of Congress and other elected officials for progressive change that affects the lives of young voters. Click here to read more about what you’ll need to get started. See below for a full list of workshops.

Upcoming Events

Weekly Phonebank

Call NextGen supporters and ask them to take action with us. Many people who volunteered during the 2020 election are looking for ways to stay involved. Invite them to use their phonebanking skills with us!

Phone banks will take place every Wednesday at 2pm and 4pm ET.

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Weekly Texting

Text with NextGen America to recruit supporters to join a workshop, attend a special event, or take direct action! We text each Monday at 1pm ET.

If you have not texted with us before, read through our Text Team Guide here before your first shift.

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Relational Organizing

Learn how you can talk to the people you know personally to invite them to take action with NextGen America. We’re all influencers in 2021!

Read up on our relational organizing toolkit here.

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Contact Your Representatives

We organized to elect our representatives in 2020. In 2021, we organize to make sure they hear our voices. Join us three times a week as we call and write our elected officials, and use social media to amplify our actions.

Interested in contacting your rep right now? See our different toolkits here.

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Personal Story Sharing

Stories help connect you with people you may have never met before to form a stronger bond and fight together. In this workshop we’ll review how sharing your story can make your organizing more compelling!

Read through our toolkit to start honing your story today.

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Coffee Hour

We’re ready to fight for student loan debt forgiveness and abolishing the filibuster. But first, coffee.

Join us every Friday at 12pm ET for a coffee hour. We’ll post a weekly article each Thursday to discuss on Friday. Come show off your mug.

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