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Welcome to the social media organizing team! We get creative and innovative on social media by engaging in strategies like link dropping, content creation, direct messages, and joining online communities in order to mobilize young people to vote and to become empowered to organize their own communities.

Social Media Organizing is using the tools and tactics of social media and its platforms to empower and equip folks to take action and make change. It’s a catch-all organizing tool, meaning that many of the elements that make up organizing — meeting people where they’re at, empowering and uplifting voices, and providing folks with information — are all of the same elements that make up social media.

It is because of all of this that incorporating social media in organizing spaces is so important, especially at an organization like NextGen. Meeting people where they’re at and focusing on the youth vote means there’s no better medium than social media to create an organizing program around. That being said, the goal of our social media organizing program is to mobilize young people to vote and to become empowered to organize their own communities, and we achieve that through a set of social media tactics that will be further explained in the following videos! Welcome to the team!

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Yes! This program lets you get in the driver’s seat and be the trusted messenger of making/delivering the content and taking action through the tactics in the way you want, and that happens by you using your own social accounts! This being said, we want you to feel comfortable while doing the work, so we encourage you to use the platforms and post on the platforms that are most comfortable to you!

Absolutely! We encourage you to use the platform that you’re most comfortable with! Additionally, all of these tactics can be used across different platforms if you ever want to try your hand at a new one!

You can post in our #social-team channel on slack! If you’re not already in our slack, you can join here:

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