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Welcome and thank you for your interest in joining the NextGen America Text Team! Our National Text Team is comprised of volunteers all over the country working to mobilize young voters to register to vote, get out and vote, and reach out to elected officials about issues that matter to them and impact their lives and their futures. As a Text Team volunteer, you are crucial to these efforts and the success of our program.

We use a system called ThruText to reach out to voters, as well as Slack to engage with one another in our “virtual field office”. To get started with our team, you’ll want to watch our series of training videos that walk you through the process step by step. We’ll review the dos and don’ts of texting, along with how to navigate and sign up for Slack and ThruText.

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First you’ll want to attend a training or watch our training videos. You’ll then sign up to join our virtual field office (Slack) and head to the #texting-onboarding channel. From there, you’ll take a quiz and a volunteer leader will guide you through next steps.

It does! Texting is both efficient and effective. It allows us to cast a wide net for outreach. We’ve been able to help voters register, find their polling place, and more. The great thing about texting is that even if folks don’t respond, they’re able to see important information and reminders.

Even when receiving “opt outs” or requests to stop, you are making a difference! This allows us to refine our lists for the future.

We focus on voter registration and “get out the vote” efforts along with inviting folks to join our in person events, along with advocacy work focusing on efforts such as student loan debt forgiveness, permanent protections for immigrants, and other types of legislation.

Voters will not be able to see your contact information. The most a voter will see is your first name. You won’t be using your personal phone number either! ThruText (our texting platform) provides us with phone numbers to use.

Response rates vary and depend on factors such as type of outreach, state we are texting, and the size of a given campaign. You should expect a handful of responses for each batch (300 texts) you send.

Yes! Slack is how we communicate with one another while texting and it’s how you’ll get the link to send texts!

We have wonderful volunteer leaders in our #text-questions who will help you with any questions you may have while texting.

We have a dedicated Slack channel called #text-questions where you can post your questions. We have a team of volunteer leaders and staff who are available to assist you.