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NextGen volunteers did incredible work to elect Joe Biden as our president and to take back the Senate.

In 2021, our fight goes on.

NextGen America is calling on the new Biden administration and Congress to prioritize the needs of young Americans. This means student debt relief and a commitment to securing ballot access for all young people, especially young people of color.

To make this happen, we need your help!

There are a number of actions you can take right now, from contacting your representatives, to emailing the Biden White House, to attending a workshop on how to share your personal story. Click the actions you’re interested in joining!

Tell President Biden: Cancel Federal Student Loan Debt

Joe Biden promised to improve access to a quality education and lessen the financial burden of student loan debt on millions of people in the United States.

Write to President Biden and urge him to quickly take executive action to eliminate federal student loan debt.

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Share Your Student Loan Debt Story

Whether you have debt of your own, have already paid it off, have loved ones in debt, or never had student loans, we all benefit from eliminating $1.6 trillion in debt for millions of people.

Everyone has a story. We want to hear yours.

Let’s speak truth to power and remind the Biden-Harris administration that we delivered their victory.

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Expel Members of Congress Who Objected to Election Certification

Now that trial for Donald Trump’s second impeachment has ended in the Senate, we must ensure all Republican officials — in addition to Trump — are held fully accountable for their seditious behavior.

Write to your senators today.

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Protect Student Voting Rights in New Hampshire

The Republican majority in the New Hampshire legislature has launched a concerted effort to suppress the votes of students.

Submit a public comment to the New Hampshire House Election Law Committee and urge them to reject attempts to undermine student voting rights.

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